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Guitar Repair

Charvel SoCal Custom Build

I offer a variety of Guitar and Bass Repair Services in Arlington, Texas on new and vintage fretted instruments, serving working musicians to hobbyist around the metroplex. I’ve held a Silver Fender Certification since 2003.

Custom Built Charvel Model 2

  1. Why doesn’t my guitar stay in tune?
  2. How can I stop my guitar from buzzing?
  3. How do I check the intonation on my guitar?
  4. Why and how do I adjust the truss rod?
  5. How do I care for my vintage guitar?
  6. How does humidity and temperature effect my guitar?
  7. Where do I go to find rare or vintage parts?
  8. What’s my guitar worth?
  9. What’s the trade in value of my guitar?
  10. Why doesn’t my locking tremolo stay in tune?

Fender USA Neck Refret

Complete refret jobs for Fender necks and necks with binding is available. This one also recieved a partial fretboard scallop and relicing.
I can do guitar and bass repair service and install jobs in the following areas...

Every so often someone asks me a simple, and yet intriguing, question: Is this a good guitar? The question may seem obvious in its implication, but it really isn't. In my opinion, there are at least four levels at which a guitar can be “good”.

These are some of the most important qualities a guitar can have. On the assumption that you are not buying a guitar with concern about long term value, the most important quality a good guitar has is that you like it.

It doesn't matter what anyone says, it doesn't matter whether it is technically good, it doesn't matter that it has no monetary value, if you like it, if it does what you want it to do - it is a good guitar.


Guitar Lessons Arlington Tx

Guitar Lessons Arlington Tx

Guitar Lessons Arlington Tx

Guitar Lessons Arlington Tx

Guitar Lessons Arlington Tx

Guitar Lessons Arlington Tx